Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Now in 0.0

I haven't posted for awhile, mainly due to new position at work, and moving out to 0.0 space.  I am not in sovereignty space, but my alliance is NBSI.  My alts will be arriving in 10d, when reactions and research finishes up.  I have been in on a HAC kill and had 2 frigs die.  I still feel like a PvP noob (which I am), but I have scanned over 200 planets so far for setting up POS, and will be doing a lot of T2 construction and POS management.

I have assessed my funds and I can either stretch for an Anshar or fly a Rorqual in 21d.  I am thinking with my current funds that the Rorqual makes more sense, but an Anshar would be Very nice for Empire logistics.  I have a very long trip to by brother in law's wedding (30hrs driving one way), so I'll be pondering during that.  To create a proper indy buffer for the Anshar I would need to sell my Providence and several other item I probably won't need.

I should be able to get a copy of an Orca BPC to create an Orca out in Null sec for mining.  I don't like the idea of putting a Rorqual in an ore belt for potential hostile roams.  Another player in corp is also logistics / mining and has a Rorqual, so we may be able to figure out a good configuration of Rorqual in POS bubble, with the Orca hauling to him.

I am still figuring out logistics and realistically, I will need 2 Rorqual trips / week to do what I want.  Compared to 1 Anshar trip.  The Anshar would be nice, but I may be a bit short on my indy funds to swing it.  I would have less than 2bn isk after an Anshar purchase, and that makes me nervous.

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