Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Setting up industry again

With the move to 0.0, I am moving my items half way across the universe... I will hopefully be setting up a POS within the next couple days to begin my T2 production again, and I have scanned well over 300 moons.  After a minor conflict resolves in a few weeks, I should be ready to go.  I hope to have all of my alts in the staging area by the upcoming weekend getting PI underway.

After cleaning up house and assessing all my funds.. I had enough for an Anshar.  Yes... a Jump Freighter.  It's hard to believe that I was able to acquire one after only 15 months of playing, but it will prove invaluable for transporting materials to null sec.  The Anshar + 3 POS + research POS + 1bn isk + about 1bn in misc goods + working ships.  Eve business has been good.  PI itself was enough to fund the Anshar.

There are a couple of logistical issues that I need to figure out.  First, I need to move an alt to 0.0 through an extremely hostile / actively bubbled gate camp.  I'm certain that at least one gate will be bubbled, and I don't want to lose a Crane during the transport.  I can't see another way, however.  Attempting right after a DT may be the best option.

For null sec mining I'm moving in 3 covetors until the conflict is over.  I have moved 12 fully fitted manticores into my hangar and a few drakes as well.

Right now, the main industrial activity is setting up a research POS and getting PI fuel up and going for minimal need for open markets.

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