Friday, November 5, 2010

Finished moving... now pondering POS setup

I have finally moved my last alt from Amarr space to Gallente space.  I am operating mainly in low security space while a conflict is raging in our 0.0 space.  My ability to pew pew is limited because of 1) It’s mainly just my main in 0.0 during US tz, and I’m still new at pvp… and a Manticore stealth bomber does not lend itself to solo activity to BC / Cruiser gangs.  2) I only have one (1) drake up there atm.  I could jump more… but if I’m the only one up there with neuts and reds… not wise to JF.  So I’ll wait.

So, due to lack of pew pew, I’m looking at setting up some POS now that I’ve ripped down 6.  Setting up 7 for now sounds about right.  I am getting paid a % of the profits to assist with setting up for the most isk.  I have reached a puzzling quandary while working on getting the logistics going.

I have an alt corp.  It has 4 members, and they are all my alts.  My main + my main manufacturer comprise 6 of the 7 characters I have made.  (7th is a market price checking alt with 0 skills; which is also useful for Evemon alt planning).  My alts are neutral standing to all factions, having run NO missions.  The corporate standings allow me to anchor in high security space for Amarr and Caldari.  My substitute for POS management while I am away on business does not have an alt to place in my alt corp.  I do not have access to a corp hanger.  Ugh. 

My solution: Keep everything in my alt corp, and anchor an additional silo chained linked with each reaction.  Only turn the silos on when I’m heading out of town, turning off the Moon mining.  The simple reactions aren’t an issue, as it takes them 10d to fillup.  Only the larger m3 complex reactions matter… which is pretty much everything except the Carbide reactions.

PI POS fueling.

I want to fuel all of the POS through myself… or as many as possible.  I have 26 planets to work with.  All the calculations are assuming I can pull 40k P0 units / 5 hrs and I will click 3x / day.  (Or, 120k P0 units / day / extractor)
P1 – strait forward
Oxygen: 1 Oxygen planet can fuel 16 POS

P2 – 2 methods.. produce P1 and transport or make P2 on 1 planet

Method 1 – produce P1 and transport.  This requires 5 planets, 2 of each P1 and 1 manufacturing.  I will produce about 4,000 P0 units / day of excess goods.
The manufacturing planet, if constructed correctly will push out 1,920 units of P2 / day.
Coolant: 10 POS
EU: 20 POS
Meach: 10 POS (5 units for fuel, 3 for robotics)

Method 2 – produce P2 on 1 planet.
20 units / hr / planet in 0.0 or low sec is possible, 15 units / hr / planet is pretty much given.

Coolant: 2.5 POS / planet – 12.5 POS for 5 planets to compare above.
EU: 5 POS / planet
Mech: 2.5 POS / planet

The 2nd method will be cheaper and produce more, but may not ‘work’ if you can’t get 20.  You also will not know what yield there is before diving in with the cost structure, so it could be the lower amount or 1.875 POS Coolanet/Mech / planet and 2.75 POS EU / planet.

Robotics: We pretty much need to have a manufacturing planet.  Previously I combined this with Oxygen  Curring Oxygen down to 12 POS, but giving Robotics 12POS.  We also need a Consumer Electronics planet, which method 2 will supply 6.67 POS / planet.

Oxygen/Robotics: 2 – 24 POS
Coolant: 8 – 20 POS
EU: 4 – 20 POS
Mech Parts: 8 – 20 POS
Cons. Electronics: 3 – 20POS

Total – 25 planets.  This gives only 1 planet lee-way and requires me to move my newbie indy hauler around in low sec.  Not ideal.  I also haven’t secured a good Plasma planet.  I am not certain that my low skilled alt hauler will go for any length of time without a ship loss.

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