Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Memorial Day POS joy

This weekend started off pretty normal in Eve. PI, manufacturing, invention, light missioning, etc. I also spent quite a bit of time updating my T2 manufacturing spreadsheet. I didn’t like how manual everything was, so now I have an automated shopping list working for anything that gets invented. (Now I just need to add a profit component.)

During this process, I ended up checking out some corporate numbers, and discovered that we are slowly losing funds to our research POS upkeep. To solve this ‘problem’ I set up 3 more POS for reactions this last Memorial Day. I acquired all the materials Sunday and moved them to my staging area, then spent time Monday on-lining towers, reactors, silos, coupling arrays, moon harvesting arrays, guns, more guns, and some EWAR batteries. I make it a point to not go after the ‘best’ moons in system, and to be one of the most defended POS in system. This way, the entrepreneur will easily discover that there are more profitable non-alliance corporations to assault than ours. If that fails, I have full strontium bays, lots of guns, and my EU time zone partner and I can each have Starbase Defense Management 4, and can fly a shield repairing Osprey. If it looks bad, we’d need to activate one of our alliance mercenary contracts, but fortunately, that hasn’t been an issue.

Putting the towers, reactors, and silos online took the same amount of time for 3 towers as it does for one, with the difference being no down time. Fly to tower 1, anchor, fly to tower 2, anchor, fly to tower 3, anchor, go pick up more stuff and repeat.

I like how I have my reactors set up: raw material silos are physically underneath the reactor, with the final product being physically above. Final product reactors are ‘pointed’ to the Corporate array, which makes storage of goods easier. I have shield hardening arrays aligned, so if war declarations come, I can online 8 hardening arrays and all of my guns / EWAR easily.

Keeping everything fueled is a continuous task, but my partner and I have things going fairly well. Now, our research POS will be continuously fueled without tapping the main corporate wallet, and my personal quest for a Jump Freighter will get a harsh reminder every 10-14 days.

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