Thursday, September 2, 2010

Skill planning mini-game

I am heading to Europe again on a trip. With my latest work laptop ‘upgrade’, I am now unable to install Eve due to some downgrading of the graphics drivers. (Don’t get me started). This means that I can no longer update skills while traveling, and have to, once again, plan skills on my four accounts to be training for my week long trip. With my work changing, I will be heading to Europe one out of every four to five weeks; so this will be a frequent activity. My four currently training characters include: My main, who is working on missile support skills, My POS managing alt, who is working on energy laser skills, My industrialist, who is finally learning drone skills; and my new missioner, who is learning drones as well. The week long skills I have planned include (in order) Caldari Cruiser 5, Some Gunnery support skill @5, Jump Drive Calibration 4, and Medium Energy Turret 5. For Cruiser 5; I’d swap out when back so I could finish that skill after my next couple trips, being over a 20d skill to train.

This will continue to be tricky, as several lvl5 skills finish in 4d; so I either live with a few hours of no skill training, or plan those for other times. I am aware I can queue up 23hrs of skills before doing the 4d skill, but the total time away from eve would average 121 hours (5d 1hr); so I’d miss 2hours of training… IF everything lands on-time.

After several trips, a T3 cruiser may not be so far off, as I would get all my requisite skills to lvl 5, and would have as much time to get distracted. Although I am not too keen on paying 1bn to minimally equip such a ship. I wouldn’t be able to fly one to its fullest capability, given how much I do industrial things. Getting a Charon is probably a more reasonable purchase, as I’d probably use it more.

What will be the worst is time away from Industry jobs. Several things do take 5d+ (missiles 2wks), but with 10 manufacturing + 10 research slots on my indy character, I have plenty of things to queue up. I have these items normally queued up pretty well, but few things take 5d+ that don’t require proper prior planning. This will take quite a bit of thought.

PI income will drop 70m/day. 

On the Indy front last night, I ready to queue up my 10 Viators and 3 Manticores. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough RAM Starship Tech units, So I queued up 50 more to fill that hole. This morning, I was able to queue up my last Viators and manticores. May wait a bit on the Viators before batching up more, I still have 6 up in local regional markets. I may need to send these 10 off to Jita. That will be 4 sold in current region, 6 sold in 2 adjacent regions, and 20 sold in Jita. I also spent 90m on T2 component BPOs, and have been researching those instead of inventing. The times on the BPOs are small to make perfect. I am only doing PE10 on the long time frame parts (armor and microprocessors), with the others at PE5. I have also acquired 2 BPOs of each armor and microprocessor to further reduce the required time.

I feel like I may eventually need another Research manufacturing alt to help with components and BPC creation. Right now I am producing around 100k T2 missiles, 80 T2 modules, and 15 T2 frigate/cruiser/indy ships a month. I feel like I could do more, but am restricted by queue. Maybe I should spend the time and increase my slots by 1 more.

The average manufacturing queue is: 2 slots on missiles, 4 slots on ships, 3 slots on components. (1 base + 5 Mass Production + 3 adv mass production). My average research queue is 1 long term research (currently ME perfect adv. mobile lab), 6 inventions, 2 copying/component research. (1 base + 5 laboratory research + 3 adv laboratory research). My T2 indy character has so much I want her to learn… eventually lvl5 slots for manufacturing /research, lvl5 science skills, T2 sentry drone capable for Orca, better armor resist skills, carrier capable (already JF capable)… and of course those support skills. My industrialist is also my salvager.. so I may need to train for a salvaging Dominix to go with my freshly trained drone skills. Realistically, the carrier + support skills will probably wait. I am having a hard time justifying lvl5 science skills as well, outside of the racial encryption skills. Maybe if I move away from generalist… nah. I like playing any part of the market if I obtain a BPO. I would like to acquire some Cruiser BPOs, more module BPOs, and a Cloak BPO soon. This will put off my Freighter dreams even more however…. I am also tempted to acquire T2 capital component BPOs, but I’d rather wait and blow that when I’m ready for true JF construction… which is quite awhile off. AND I should probably grab T1 capital construction BPOs first.

While pondering these things, my missioner completed enough missions to be eligible for lvl3 missions. I am not sure if I want to move that far away. It would place me in an adjacent region, which would mean I couldn’t launch new research / copy tasks in-between missions like I am currently. Before starting to mission, I send my Viator through low-sec to team up with my missioner… jumping into a salvaging Catalyst. Due to time constraints, I may rotate my main or BPO alt into that role, so I can train my indy alt more in indy stuff. I just need to check to see if a Rokh would work well as a salvager (I’m guess that’d be better than a Raven; plus a Rokh just looks kewl.)

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