Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jump Freighter dreams

I want a jump freighter. I want one really, really bad. I have a pilot who is Anshar capable NOW, and one that could become Ark capable in about a month. (Just need Jump Drive skills).

I am managing 3 POS in low sec. I transport ~180k m3 of goods every 10days. Now, this is easier with PI, as most of the PI materials are in-system. Discounting those items, I am still moving around 154k m3/10days. *Ice product takes up a lot of space*. With my trusty cloaky transport, that is almost 20 trips. Ugh. Now, I do bring online 4 transports to move, so It’s 5 trips from the entire crew, but still. It’s painful. I devote 1 night of Eve / 10 days entirely to POS refueling management. An Anshar would be able to haul over 390k m3 in a single jump.


That means 1 jump, I can transport all the goods I need to the POS for 20days of fuel. I’d need to ferry it around from POS to POS, but this is a HUGE time savings. Damn, with this amount of freedom, I could set up another 3 POS with the same RL time burden. (And JF every 10d, as opposed to every 20d.)

In the meantime, I make angst decisions of: T1 ity 5 / Bestower / Impel to transport through low sec… 1 Indy trip = 5 transport trips, so I sometimes pull those out after doing a few initial trips with the transports if the coast is clear. I do fit my transports with Inertia Stabilizers II and/or a Warp Core Stabilizer II. It cuts down on the cargo space, but they’ve saved my ass before, and I wont’ venture an indy into low sec without at least one of those mods.

I’ve only been locked in low sec once, and that was for less than 1second as I warped through the gate. After that I warped to POS and sat there for a couple hours (huzzah for alts!) until I could scout the gates with an assault frig and warp back to high sec. (I think the pirate got bored waiting for a motionless Indy in an armed POS bubble.)

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