Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Work has been crazy for the past several days, so I haven't had much time to post.  At night, I've just refueled my POS, kept invention and manufacturing going,and that's it.

I do feel like I need to improve my spreadsheet for invention, and the datacore cost and success % from the blueprint tool i'm using may not be entirely accurate... but that would require time.

Precious, precious time i do not currently have.

Haven’t had my usual time to play this week, and it looks like it’ll be just PI and attempting to keep my invention / manufacturing going, with a little logistics.  My latest set of sales pushed me above 3.2bn, for about 10seconds before I bought down below 2bn again.  I’m going to need to decide soon regarding my specialization as to what I’m going to make.  I only have 10 slots to play with (1 base + 5 production + 4 adv skill) and those are quickly becoming the bottleneck. 

Currently, I’m using:
2 for T2 missiles (2wks / pop for 11m ea or 780k/day)
4 for T2 indy/frig (1wk for components + ships for 225m total or 803k/day)
4 for T2 modules (1d for 4m)

Which means my T2 research / manufacturing is generating ~20m/day (600m/month), with modules making the most isk (by far).  I may be dropping the missiles, saving them for times when I know I’m going to be away on a business trip, although 2wks is still quite awhile.  I believe I’ve been doing the T2 ships ‘wrong’, and may be able to reduce the producing time on them.  I am tempted to anchor and online a component assembly array to decrease manufacturing time, but I need to figure out if the waste increase makes it worth it.

Equipment Assembly Array – 25% faster to build, same cost, 6 slot, high sec anchor
Rapid Equipment Assembly Array – 35% faster to build, 20% more cost, 6 slot, high sec anchor
Ammunition / Component / Drone arrays – same cost, build

So, an equipment assembly would increase profit for pretty much anything, and I’d be able to move my 4 reserved module slots into the array.  The POS could easily handle the CPU / Power load with minimal changes.  The question remains, would a 17hr construction cycle on station mods being reduced to 13hrs be worth the hassle?  .

I login every morning and evening.  6pm -> 7am ->8pm->9am(work).  So the 4th  cycle on a station 17hr job would fail, only to start up again.  Compared to: 6pm -> 11am (work) or 24 hour cycle = a 17 hour cycle for me.

The hassle of an equipment array component managing would basically squeeze in 1 more production every 2 days. This alone may be worth the hassle.

Rapid assembly would push the 17hr cycle down to 11hrs; which has pretty much the same effect, but I’m paying 20% more materials.  Ship arrays don’t appear to be worth it, unless I’m remote… which I’m not.  I have a feeling they’d also scream “juicy target” to bored pirates as well.  I’d rather not have a bull’s eye tattooed on my POS shield.

I would like to finish up my T2 missile BPCs (still ~30 left), but with 2 slots of 2wks each, I’m looking at six months until all those missiles are completed, unless I load up for my 1 week trips.  Thinking I should save up and launch multiple indy/cruiser builds during that time instead.  I currently have 4 different frigate BPOs, 4 different indy BPOs, 2 cruiser BPOs, and 10 components.  I’m going to hold off on further acquisitions until I get these workstreams / markets fully appreciated.  In the meantime, it’s T2 joy all around.  Although, I am burning through some datacores pretty fast.  (~100 mechanical engineering over this last week)

Hopefully, I’ll have time to update my spreadsheet further, putting more into the planning portions.

I will be off to London soon (for work), and should have time on the plane to update my spreadsheet / evemon plans... hopefully.

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