Friday, September 17, 2010

PI income

One of my board game friends has reactivated his accounts (2) and I have talked him into joining my laid-back corporation.  I was finally able to point out how lucrative PI actually is with less than 5 hours of training.

Standard Command Center : 12k CPU, 12k Power = 1 Launchpad + 15 Advanced Industrial Facilities + links.

Looking at something simple… like say Coolant (easy to comprehend need with POS fuel) using all Jita 3day rolling average sale prices.
Water = 337 isk / unit
Electrolytes = 413 isk / unit
40 of each = 30,000 isk
5 Coolant @ 7,651 = 38,256 isk.

Now there is import and export costs.  30 isk to import, 45 isk to export, plus sales broker fees.  So, to make things, ‘easy’ profit per 1 hour cycle is 38,256 – 30,000 – 256 = 8,000 per hour, per factory.  This is about a 26% return on investment.

15 factories = 120,000 profit per hour or 2.88 million isk per day.

For three planets (lvl 2 interplanetary consolidation) that is 8.64m per day or just over 207 million isk per month.

What is the time commitment?  Well, first you WILL need a hauler that can haul 10k m3.  Any race industrial cruiser should be able to do this relatively painlessly.  (Expanded Cargohold II and cargo rigs make 10k transport rather trivial.)

A launchpad can hold 10k m3 of goods.  This is 26,315 TOTAL water + electrolytes.  So if we put 13,000 of each commodity into the launchpad, and spider out everything from there, it will take (13,000 / 40) / 15 = 21hrs 40min to deplete the launchpad.  So back and forth 3 times (3 planets) a little for frequently than 1x per day is the time needed to make 207m / month, plus swapping materials out and buying / selling raw materials.  If you’re slow, this would be at worst 30m / day or 15 hrs / month.  This income is basically 13.8m / hour of work.

Is it worth it?  That depends on how you view almost 14m / hour in Eve.

Oh, and this is just for Coolant manufacturing, other items can give a larger return.  I’m over 100m/hour on my PI production.  So, eve-players please abandon the boring PI game play.

It only helps my profits.

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